The goal is to help employees and managers unleash their potential and transform their professional lives. 

Information-packed, interactive seminars designed to create high-functioning teams, providing employees and managers key tools and concrete action plans to support company growth, manage change, foster engagement and successfully compete in an increasingly challenging business environment. 

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As a professor for more than 25 years, I witnessed firsthand the difficulties my students experienced working in teams. At the beginning of the semester, I would put them in teams of three, four or five, and give them a months-long assignment that involved providing public relations services to a nonprofit organization of their choice.

More often than not, by week four, team members would start bickering with each other, and by week eight, I would see full-blown arguments, complete with yelling in the halls. Not surprisingly, these dysfunctional teams produced suboptimal work. And the students simply felt miserable … and defeated. 

I had a hypothesis as to why college students, and indeed professionals in the “real world,” struggle with working in teams: they never receive formal team work training. Students from high school to graduate school are thrown into teams and expected to thrive – without any lessons. My Organizational Leadership doctorate dissertation focused on this hypothesis; for the study, I taught one class team work and compared their performance to an identical class that did not receive team work training.

The findings showed that students who received team work training demonstrated a higher level of effective team behaviors than the students who did not receive training. This team work training had a significant and positive effect on improving the quality of work produced by students. In addition, students who received team work training appeared to enjoy the team work experience more than did those who do not receive training. 

From this foundation, I have created a series of professional workshops and seminars designed to help organizations build strong, functional teams who can successfully address the challenges of today’s business environment. Hands-on exercises give participants tools they can directly use in the workplace, transforming team work from drudgery and resentment to a productive, enjoyable experience. Accountability tools help sustain learning and growth.

Workshops and seminars are customized to each company’s industry and employee needs, and range from half-day sessions, to weekend workshops, to corporate retreats to ongoing, long-term training.