Interactive, inspiring presentations to unleash your potential and transform your journey.

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Some of us know what we are passionate about – we just need direction and support to transform our dreams into reality.

And some of us are simply at a loss of what will make us happy. We struggle with taking the first steps towards a more passionate, joyful life because we are unsure of what would actually fulfill us – personally and professionally. 

This struggle is real. We are being constantly bombarded with external messages delivered from a myriad of electronic devices that never leave our side. The information overload is overwhelming, especially the messages TELLING us what will make us happy. We never receive the opportunity to look inward – the noise is too loud. And we don’t even know HOW to look inward … no one has shown us the way. 

So instead, we look outside of ourselves, continually comparing our lives to others. And we don’t like what we see. Rather than enjoying our lives and treasuring every moment, we feel we are just skating through each day. 

Yet by doing this, we are cheating ourselves from living an authentic, joyful life. And this leads to feeling stuck because we MISTAKENLY FEEL we aren’t good enough, we aren’t young or old enough, we aren’t experienced enough – you name the excuse -- to pursue our true personal and professional passions.

Dr. Lori Baker-Schena brings both inspiration and clarity to audiences – especially those individuals who feel “stuck." She provides the tools, guidance, insight and support to move lives forward. 

Each highly entertaining and interactive presentation, whether to a group of 5, 50 or 500 participants, is individually tailored to the specific needs of the audience. Attendees receive new insights and concrete “life action plans” designed to unleash their potential and transform their lives. 


Popular Topics Include:

  • Exploring and Finding Your Passion in Your 20s
  • Navigating Your Life-Work-Home Balance in Your 30s
  • Mid-Life Career Change in Your 40s
  • Maximizing Your Fabulous 50s
  • Re-Inventing Yourself in Your 60s
  • Soaring Into Your 70s
  • Enhancing Interpersonal Communication and Getting YOUR Needs Met
  • Life Without Guilt: Setting Your Personal Boundaries
  • Stop Being a Victim and Take Control of Your Life
  • Surviving the Words “You’ve Got Cancer” and Other Cheery Pronouncements
  • The Power of Gratitude
  • Living Your Authentic Self
  • Body Language Speaks Volumes