No One Said It Would be Easy

Long-lasting success that brings deep satisfaction requires hard work.

Individuals who achieve success, who are LIVING their passion, often make the journey look easy.

Yet that is just an illusion.

Pursuing your passions -- and not settling for a mediocre job and a mediocre life -- takes hard work, passion and dedication. It means extra hours of study or work experience piled on top of an already hectic day. It means pushing past exhaustion to gain the expertise you need to reach higher goals.

So how can you psyche yourself up to work harder, day in and day out?

Once you acknowledge that pursuing your passion will be a difficult road, then you can move forward with your journey. Here is a five-step checklist:

  1. Connect with people who are already LIVING your dream. Don’t be shy. If you want to own a restaurant, speak to restaurant owners. If you want to be an oil painter, reach out to local artists. If you want to work in real estate, contact a realtor. AND LEARN THEIR SECRETS TO SUCCESS.
  2. Make a business plan with a timeline, scheduling out the tasks to accomplish your dream, i.e. more education, saving money.
  3. Tell your family, friends and colleagues about your plans so that you can create a support network who understands that you need to work hard. Help them realistically manage their expectations, empathetically giving you the time and space to work towards your dreams.
  4. Become organized – figure out how to manage an increased workload in an already busy schedule.

I succeeded in earning my MBA and doctorate while managing full-time jobs because my passion inspired me to work long days and nights towards my goals. And I created my motivational speaking company while running my public relations/marketing business because I wanted to turn my dream into reality.

And here I am.

I speak from experience. You WILL work hard. Know that. Own that. But it’s worth ALL of the extra effort to do something you love.

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