The Power of Positivity

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. – Confucius

A few weeks ago, I headed for the weight room at the gym. I had been keeping up with my aerobics on the treadmill, but had neglected my strength training. And inevitably, I felt incredibly out of shape.

I had a very tough time that first day back. It felt disheartening to realize I had difficulty lifting the weights I had so easily managed only a few months earlier. I knew my body would be sore for the rest of the week. As I struggled through a bicep curl, I thought about all that lost time away from the weights area. I started to feel defeated only 10 minutes into my set.

And then, in the middle of a shoulder pull-down, I made the conscious decision to NOT beat myself up for the time away from the gym. Instead of slipping into negativity and giving up, I turned the weight session into a positive experience. I congratulated myself for getting back on my schedule, expressed gratitude that I had the ability to even lift weights and the financial stability to belong to a gym, and told myself that every rep mattered. Even with baby steps, I eventually would be able to return to my former level of fitness.

Which brings me to today’s thought: When faced with a setback, we have two choices -- slip into negativity or remain positive.

It is so easy to feel discouraged when faced with a setback. It’s so easy to slip into a negative space and become depressed because a relationship has gone south, or a job is not working out, or a plan has derailed. Negativity is the easy route.

Yet negativity is a slippery slope to giving up. And giving up is never an option.

In contrast, your other choice, remaining positive, requires intense energy and effort. It means getting up after falling down and TRYING AGAIN. It takes grit. It takes determination. It takes courage. Yet at the end of the day, the positivity payoff is HUGE! It gives you ANOTHER chance for happiness, ANOTHER chance to get things right.

Positivity is a choice. Sometimes it is a learned choice, but it is there for the taking. It starts with gratitude, and seeing the positive of ANY situation, no matter how difficult.

I encourage you to tap into the power of positivity and avoid the seduction of misery. It will turn your life around.