When Opportunity Knocks, Grab It

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. - Milton Berle

One of the most important ways to become successful in business is to take advantage of every opportunity you can.

Sometimes these opportunities are obvious, like seeking out a more challenging job, a promotion or more responsibilities at work, the chance to travel or to explore different career paths, the opportunity to enhance your skills or to earn an advanced degree.

In these situations, I encourage you to say “yes” as much as you can. Opportunities in business not only lead to personal and professional growth, they can enrich your life. Believe me, when my mentor told me he would support my decision to start my own business, I said yes. I’ve never looked back.

And don’t procrastinate. Opportunities often are fleeting; so don’t wait for the “perfect” time to take advantage of them.

The challenge becomes when opportunities seem to elude you. In other words, you feel you can’t catch a break. In these moments, you must CREATE your opportunities.

How do you do this?

·      Stay positive. When you keep good thoughts, you will be in a better position to recognize opportunities when they come your way.

·      Network with other professionals. You can’t be exposed to opportunities when you are working in a vacuum. Get out, network and meet people – you will be amazed at the opportunities that present themselves.

·      Focus on what you want from your career. Once you can identify your direction, you are in a better position to recognize opportunities that can move you closer to your goals.

·      Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams. Once you release the fear, you will discover the many opportunities that can help you achieve your goals.

Business success means taking advantage of every opportunity you can identify. And if you can’t identify an opportunity, then by all means, create your own.

The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity. - Ayn Rand